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The Best Kitesurfing in Thailand

Accrokite is one of the famous certified and insured kite schools of Kitesurf Thailand situated on Baan Tai Beach of Kitesurfing koh phangan, Paradise Island, offers the best kite surfing course to kite surfers. With over 20 years of teaching experience in water sports this school is devoted to provide the best techniques and updated skills to its students. Its top quality pedagogy, IKO certified instructors and advanced equipments meet the kite surfing requirements of the kite surfer and full fill their kite surfing dream. This IKO affiliated training center is the perfect spot which helps the beginner to improve their kite boarding level as an advanced kite surfer.

Kitesurf Thailand
Kitesurf Thailand

Kite surfing is an adventures water sports combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and sailing in to one extreme sport. It is technical sport in which kite surfers don’t need a lot of strength. They only require the perfect technique and skills to play the sports and feel the excitement of kite surfing. Accrokite is the perfect training center which helps to fulfill the dream of people who wants to get the test of flying the kite. With its advance equipment it allows the rider to spend a lot of time on the water in all conditions. As this organization renews its equipments in every year at the beginning of the session the rider gets the latest technological equipment to practice safely. This organization offers the passionate IKO certified instructors who guides the surfers from very first steps with a kite to advance training and intensive course. Including the right moves and techniques they teach the best safety precautions while surfing in the water surface.

Accrokite-Kohphangan offers a safety kite surfing courses and individual package for all level. Those who are eager to explore this new and exciting sport, this training center provides the discovery course for them. To learn this discovery course kite surfers don’t need any previous experience in water sports. But if you have already some experience with water sports this course will be more beneficial for you and make your learning faster. This introduction course is designed to teach you about the basic knowledge and theory of kite surfing, kite spot, wind, wind window, how to set up the kite, how to fly the kite, how to control the kite, and some safety measures while you are in the water. This course is very important because it makes you understand how the kite works.

Accrokite first teaches the safety system of the bar to its students before launch the kite in to the water which helps the kite surfers learn the kite surfing skills easily and safely. The kite control is one of the most important stages of the lesson. If the kite control is good then the rest of lesson goes easy. After discovery lesson Accrokite offers the full beginner course to its students. This course is applicable for those who have acquired all the basic and theoretical and practical knowledge of kite surfing and wants to become an independent kite surfer. This course gives a deeper insight in to the theoretical and practical part of kite surfing as compared to the discovery course. In this level the instructors of Accrokite teaches every techniques to its students which they need to be a good kite surfers. Kite surfers also able to learn how to generate power with the kite and drag yourself through the water. As boarding is the biggest part of the lesson the expert trainer of this organization teaches you how to control the kite and generate power while you are keeping your balance on the board. After complete the full beginner course this organization provides worldwide recognized IKO certification card. This card allows the kite surfers to rent the equipments in kite surf schools all around the world. In future if you would like to another kite surf lesson in another school, this card also represent your level and give the idea to the instructor exactly where to start. Accrokite also provides a refresher course which is applicable for those riders who have already learnt the kite surfing course a year ago, and need a short course for reviewing or updating previous skills. In this case the certified kite surfing instructors first check the skill of this rider and make conform how much part he has remembered from his previous course and provides the skill according their need to improve them.

Accrokite also rent the proper equipment to the kite surfers. For its students this organization recommends the right size kite or boards as it is well known about the level of its students. For new renters also this training institution provides the kite and other related equipment at discounted rate.


Accrokite is the best training spot for learning kite surfing skill. From the first day of business this organization has been striving to provide the most professional and friendly service to its customer in Koh Phangan Island. It helps the kite surfers to fulfill their dream and feel the excitement of this water sport.  Browse our website for more details

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